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SusanD_SustainU(1)Sustainable U Growing a more sustainable future starts in the classroom. For this very reason, Peoria offers a wide variety of educational resources for teachers and educators in Peoria. Whether your class needs to learn more about recycling, composting, water resources and conservation, or renewable energy, Sustainable University for Teachers has it covered. Do you want to book a presentation? Great! Just fill out the Sustainable University for Teachers Presentation Request Form below or call 623-773-7561.

Sustainable University for Teachers Presentation Request Form

Staff can present on the following subjects:

Water Resources

Do we have enough water? That is a question we often hear. The answer is "yes" as long as we continue to use it wisely. However, long-term growth projections show that we need to do more to manage our water resources down to the drop.

Water Conservation

Peoria has been educating our citizens on the need to conserve water for over a decade. Staff can present on a wide variety of water conservation related subjects such as the water cycle, life cycle of urban water (ever wonder where your water came from?), why we need to conserve water, and water reuse.


Peoria offers presentations on proper recycling, why recycling is important, and how it benefits all of us. Staff can also organize tours of local Materials Recovery Facilities where our recyclable material is taken for sorting. However, Peoria does not offer or coordinate transportation to and from the facilities.


Peoria offers interactive composting classes to adults regularly, but kids find it even more interesting. Staff can present on what composting is, why it is so important to further reduce the amount of stuff we throw away, and how composting works. These presentations can be conducted inside or outside and work especially well if your class is also interested in gardening or recycling.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Peoria staff can present on renewable energy and energy efficiency topics. Whether your class is interested in learning more about different types of renewable energy available or how to reduce the amount of energy they consume, staff can help educate your students on the importance of our energy future.

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