Councilmember Jon Edwards Biography

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Councilmember Jon Edwards

Jon and his wife Brenda have been married since 1991, and they have lived in Peoria since 2001. The Edwards have three children who all attended local district schools.

Active in the Community

  • Graduated from the Peoria Leadership Institute
  • Member of the Fletcher Heights HOA
  • Elected Precinct Committeeman for Legislative District 4 – Fletcher Heights
  • Completed the Peoria HOA Academy
  • Member of the Frontier Elementary Site Council
  • Prior to residence in Peoria, was very involved in community beautification of older neighborhoods in Riverside and Anaheim, CA.
  • Program/project manager with the same computer service company for 27 years, responsible for two fortune 500 companies.


  • Appointed to the Valley Metro Board of Directors 2015; elected Board Treasurer 2019. 
  • Appointed to the Executive Committee of WESTMARC in 2018.
  • Appointed to the Executive Board of Directors for the Homeless Youth Connection in 2017.
  • Elected Vice Mayor by council colleagues in 2015 and 2017.
  • Elected Mayor Pro-Tem by council colleagues in 2014 and 2016.
  • Appointed to the National League of Cities Community & Economic Development Committee in 2015.
  • Appointed by the Mayor to the Peoria Not-For-Profit Committee in 2014.
  • Appointed by the Mayor to the City Council Policy and Appointments Subcommittee in 2013.
  • Strong organization skills.
  • Believes in open communication. A strong focus on keeping citizens informed and involved in important city decisions.
  • Impartial and good listener to all the facts. Research the unknown, and creative when solving city issues.
  • Strong work ethic and a passion for good government.

I am honored to represent the Willow District and I look forward to working with residents. At any time, if I can be of assistance, please let me know.

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