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  • What is an Ironwood support Grant?

    The Ironwood Support Grant is awarded for projects, services or programs that enhance neighborhood livability and "build community" within the Ironwood Council District. The Ironwood Support Grant Funds are made available through Ironwood Council District Funds which are designed for district projects.

    The application process for the Ironwood Support Grant is available only through the Ironwood District webpage. This online application and reporting process is intended to accelerate reviews and decisions regarding grant awards, as well as utilizing technology rather than paper and postage.

  • What are some examples of eligible Ironwood Support Grant?

    • Communications: designing new websites, a newsletter, neighborhood surveys.
    • Outreach mobilizations: door-to-door canvassing, A-frame meeting signs, activities to build membership and outreach to neighbors and businesses.
    • Projects that build relationships between neighborhoods and local organizations such as schools, PTAs, non-profits, and businesses.
    • Crime prevention activities: neighborhood patrols, and block watches.
    • Neighborhood fairs or festivals or special one-time events and projects such as block parties and neighborhood forums.
    • Neighborhood physical improvements such as trees, community gardens, gateway signs, and projects that address neighborhood preservation, blight, safety and security.
  • What is not eligible for an Ironwood Support Grant?

    Unfortunately, the following programs or projects are not eligible for support through the Ironwood Support Grant program:

    • Direct social services such as food baskets and health clinic services.
    • Ongoing general organizational support such as rent, utilities or that require ongoing funding or staffing.
    • Events that constitute a religious worship or which would advance or promote a religion or religious purpose.
    • Direct grants, scholarships or projects for the benefit of specific individuals or private entity.
    • Loans or debt retirement.
    • Annual appeals, general fund drives.
    • Emergency funding.
    • Projects that include ordinary City services such as maintenance of parks, public street lighting and public streets, or for maintenance and operations of projects.
    • Projects that would fix a self-imposed code violation.
    • Construction of entry gates.
    • Normal apartment or home owner association maintenance and operations projects.
  • Who should apply?

    Not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply for Support Grant opportunities.
  • How much money is available for an Ironwood Support Grant Project?

    There is no set amount on what may be requested. Applicants are not required to provide a "neighborhood match" in the form of in-kind donations, volunteer services, and/or cash. Greater consideration will be given, however, for a project that leverages community resources or combines funding from sources that contribute to the project and does not rely solely on financial assistance from the Ironwood Support Grant.
  • What is the application process?

    The Ironwood Support Grant Application is a one step review process.

    1. Fill out and submit the Ironwood Support Grant application.
    2. Councilman Patena will review the grant application.
    3. Applications recommended for award will be reviewed and approved by the City Attorney's Office.
    4. Councilman Patena will notify you of the award or non-award of your grant application.
  • What else should I know about the Ironwood Support Grant?

    • Applicants may be contacted during review process for additional information.
    • If you are proposing a physical improvement project, be certain that city staff has confirmed the cost of permits, potential design review costs, and installation costs.
    • Groups based outside the Ironwood Council District may be given consideration, although local proposals will be considered with a higher priority.
    • Funds will not be distributed to individuals.
    • Awarded funds may only be expended for the purposes and uses specified in the approved grant application.
  • How do I apply?

    1. Read the Ironwood Support Grant Information thoroughly.
    2. Complete the Ironwood Support Grant Application.
    3. Within two weeks of receipt of the Request for Support letter by Councilman Patena, you will be notified of the status of your project.

    Proceed to the Ironwood Support Grant Application.