Acacia District Map

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This page features a map of the Acacia Council District in Peoria, AZ along with major public parks, facilities, and services listed.


A.Peoria Municipal Campus(8401 W. Monroe St.)City Hall, Council Chamber, Court, Main Library,Public Safety Admin., Dev. & Comm. Svcs. Bldg.

C.Peoria Center for the Performing Arts(8355 W. Peoria Ave.)


4. Braewood Park (8742 W. Mercer Ave.)

6. Clarence B. Hayes Park (9845 N. 75th Ave.)

11. Ira Murphy Park (7230 W. Cheryl Dr.)

12. Johnny E. Osuna Park (10510 N. 83rd Ave.)

14. Monroe Park (8820 W. Monroe St.)

18. Roundtree Ranch Park (81st Ave. & Mission Ln.)

21. Sunnyslope Park (9180 N. 71st Ave.)

24. Varney Park (11730 N. 81st Ave.)

27. Peoria Community Center (8335 W. Jefferson St.)

29. Peoria Pool (Peoria H.S. - 11200 N. 83rd Ave.)


1. Station 191 (8095 W. Peoria Ave.)


Peoria Unified School DistrictI.

Ira Murphy (7231 W. North Ln.)

O. Santa Fe (9880 N. 77th Ave.)

U. Peoria High School (11200 N. 83rd Ave.)