Water Resources

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Managing Water Resources

The Water Resources Division is responsible for coordinating and acquiring water rights, planning for the cost-effective acquisition and/or development of additional supplies, obtaining and maintaining the city's Designation of Assured Water Supply and maintaining regulatory compliance with the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) management rules.

In November 2007, the City Council adopted the Principles of Sound Water Management that serves as an over-arching policy guide for the city's water future.

Read the Designation of Assured Water Supply (PDF)
Read the Principles of Sound Water Management (PDF)

Peorias Water Source portfolio

Water Sources

Peoria's water supply is primarily from renewable water resources. The primary sources are Central Arizona Project (CAP) water Salt River Project (SRP) water and reclaimed water. Reclaimed water is wastewater collected from homes and businesses, then treated to be utilized where potable (drinking quality) water is not required. Think parks, landscaped areas and lakes. Recovered water is water that was previously stored underground where it can not evaporate that is now pumped out of a well.


CAP and SRP deliver water from large drainage areas, called watersheds, to Peoria in canals that carry the water hundreds of miles.

Colorado River Watershed map (PDF)
Salt River Watershed map (PDF)

Tap into Quality

Water Quality Reports

The city sends a report to ADWR each year identifying the sources and uses of Peoria’s water.

Interested in knowing more about where your water comes from? Take a look at Tap Into Quality's Understanding Tap Water informative video. You might be surprised to see just how much effort goes into delivering clean and safe drinking water to your faucet. Watch the Tap Into Quality video to learn more about your tap water.



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