Xeriscape - Conversion Rebate

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Xeriscape Conversion Rebate Program – up to $1650

Xeriscape can create a permanent reduction in the amount of outdoor water waste, by planting environmentally sensitive landscapes. Peoria water customers that select a Xeriscape Landscaping option for their new home are eligible to apply.


Xeriscape refers to seven principles, which if used properly, ensure that landscapes are water efficient, yet creative and colorful:

  • Proper landscape planning and design
  • Low water use plants
  • Appropriate turf areas
  • Efficient irrigation
  • Soil improvements
  • Use of mulches
  • Appropriate maintenance

Required Features:

  • Have a City of Peoria water account (not sewer or trash only).
  • At least 500 square feet must be converted from high – water use landscaping to Xeriscape.
  • New plantings must be inside the area being converted.
  • If you choose to install artificial turf, you must meet the minimum of 25% low water use plant material (at maturity) in the converted area. Low-water use plant material can be planted in a rock area around the artificial turf, as long as it is in the converted area.
  • The determination as to which groundcovers, shrubs, and trees are to be considered low water use is based on the comprehensive Low Water Use Plant List (PDF) compiled by the Arizona Department of Water Resources.
  • No fountains may exist unless they are of a cascading and non-spray design.
  • The installation of an inorganic groundcover must not conflict with other City of Peoria landscaping requirements as prescribed by existing policies, procedures, and other ordinances.

Rebate Details:

To receive the maximum rebate amount, at least 50% of the conversion area (at maturity) must have low-water use plant material installed. Use this chart to estimate the amount of rebate possible.

Summary of Xeriscape rebates available
Total square footage of turf removal with 50% low water use plant coverage (Up to) Rebate Amount Total square footage of turf removal with 25% low water use plant coverage (Up to) Rebate Amount
 500 - 999  $225  500 - 999  $90
 1000 - 1499  $375  1000 - 1499  $150
 1500 - 1999  $525  1500 - 1999  $210
 2000 - 2499  $675  2000 - 2499  $270
 2500 - 2999  $825  2500 - 2999  $330
 3000 - 3999  $1,050  3000 - 3999  $420
 4000 - 4999  $1,350  4000 - 4999  $540
 5000+  $1,650  5000+  $660

Rebate Procedures:

  1. Check your water bill to verify that you are a City of Peoria water customer.
  2. Complete the Xeriscape rebate application form (PDF) and scan or mail it to us. You will be contacted to schedule a pre-conversion inspection.
  3. If you live in a HOA, please make sure your conservation project meets your community's requirements.
  4. Plant material must be chosen from the Arizona Department of Water Resources Phoenix Active Management Area Drought Tolerant/Low Water Use Plant List. All trees and plants will be calculated at their mature size.
  5. Install your Xeriscape or have it installed. (Save your receipt/invoice copies.)
  6. Conversion must be completed within one year after application.
  7. Upon completion, contact us to schedule a post-conversion inspection.
  8. Provide the receipt/invoice copies to us at post-conversion inspection.

XeriCoverRebate Instructions:

  1. Contact Water Conservation staff before initiating your project to schedule a pre-consultation.
  2. Complete the application and submit it to the Conservation Division by emailing or by mail.
  3. City of Peoria
    Water Services, DCSB
    Attn: Andy Lombardo
    9875 North 85th Avenue
    Peoria, AZ 85345
  4. Call to schedule a post-conversion inspection.
  5. Once the conversion has been approved, a credit will be posted to your utility account. It may take up to 2 billing cycles.

For more information contact:

Andy Lombardo
(623) 773-7861