Water Conservation

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In Peoria, water conservation is a way of life. Peoria actively protects and preserves its diverse water supply through aquifer recharge, direct reuse of reclaimed water for landscaping and other non-drinking water demands, as well as planning and building reliable water infrastructure. Our water customers also play an integral part, recognizing the importance of saving water as a key part of living in a desert environment.

Our water conservation program is working. In the past decade alone, Peoria's water customers have reduced their water consumption by an average of 15% - that's 20,400 gallons per household per year!

We hope you take advantage of Peoria's free classes, public outreach at dozens of events annually and water rebate incentives on multiple water-wise home improvement investments to save even more water.

Come Grow With Us!

Peoria's Sustainability Office is hosting a variety of free classes, workshops, and events for residents who are interested in learning about gardening in the desert! Please check back at a later date for a list of upcoming classes and registration information.

Drought Management


  • What is a Drought?
  • Will residents always get water first?
  • Is water conservation working?
  • How long do droughts last?
  • Will there be water restrictions because of drought?
  • Is Peoria prepared for a drought?
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What is Peoria's Drought Management Strategy?


Peoria is preparing for the possibility of more prolonged and persistent drought scenarios by pursuing a strategy of storing enough water underground to carry the City through six years of potential water shortages.

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It is unlawful to waste water used for irrigation or to permit water used for irrigation to run upon the public streets or alleys of the city or upon the property of another. (City of Peoria Code, Section 13-36(d)). You can report water waste using the Peoria Reporter app.


Most water waste is caused by improper or inefficient landscape irrigation. By taking a few simple steps, you can improve the efficiency of your irrigation system and prevent water waste in your yard.


  • Over-Watering
  • Over Spray - Preventing Water Waste
  • Obstructions - Preventing Water Waste
  • Leaks - Preventing Water Waste
  • Design - Preventing Water Waste
  • What is the purpose of flushing fire hydrants, isn't that wasting water?
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Water Saving Ideas and Resources

The City of Peoria's Environmental Resources staff offers a number of publications, available by mail in our Water Conservation Packet. The following publications are included in the packet as well as several other pieces of information. Receive a free packet of water conservation related information by calling (623) 773-7286 or by sending an email to conservation@peoriaaz.gov.

water by the number

Landscape Watering by the Numbers gives instructions for determining how much water your plants need, how much water each part of your watering system applies, and match your system's output to your plants' needs.




Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert contains information on over 200 low water use plant including size, bloom season, and water guidelines.




Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert provides a step-by-step guide for planning, installing, and caring for your landscape.




SHWGpiggraduateUse the Smart Home Water Guide to find & fix leaks that are 

draining your budget.





100+ ways to conserve water




AMWUA logoLearn about water conservation at www.amwua.org.




Visit the Desert Fusion Garden: Enjoy the low-water-use landscaping located in front of City Hall’s east wing on the Peoria Municipal Campus.






Take a Sustainable U class. Find out more information on dates and times or call (623) 773-7137.


For more information, contact:

Customer Service
7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Thursday
(623) 773-7160

Environmental Division
8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday
(623) 773-7561 or (623) 773-7286