The Water Services Department is comprised of a team of technical and administrative personnel dedicated to providing excellent service.

We deliver quality services to Peoria residents by using the latest technology and in anticipating the needs of the future, assuring the people of the community a high quality of life. We are responsible for maintaining and operating the city’s water supply and infrastructure. It is comprised of three sections: Environmental Resources, Water, and Wastewater.

Utility Billing and Start Up Service

Report an Odor

Water Shutdown Request Form (Online Submittal)

Water Shutdown Request Form (PDF)


Billing and Start/Stop Service (623) 773-7160
Backflow Prevention (623) 773-8444 (623) 773-8490 fax
Blue Stake 811
Drinking Water Quality (623) 773-8467
Drain and Backwash Pool (623) 773-7162
Roach Control (623) 773-7160
Water Conservation Rebates (623) 773-7861
Wastewater (623) 773-7160
Water Leaks (623) 773-7160
Water Shutdown Requests  


For Water Leaks, call (623) 773-7160
Do Not Call 911 – we have after-hours emergency for water issues: (623) 245-5201

Utilities FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Utility Services.

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Why did the City turn my water off?

  • What causes low water pressure?

  • Why is my water cloudy?

  • The water is brown, what's going on?

  • My water smells and tastes funny sometimes, is this safe?

  • Why is the cold water coming out hot or warm?

  • Does the City of Peoria fluoridate its water?

  • There always seem to be a water break around the City, why is this?

  • What is the purpose of flushing fire hydrants, isn't that wasting water?

  • Who is responsible for sewer backups?

  • Is the City responsible for exterminating sewer roaches?

  • Occasionally a foul odor comes out of the sink and tub drains, is this serious? How can I fix this problem?

  • Can I drain my pool water into the City's sewer system?

  • Where does Peoria water come from?

  • Is Peoria water harder? Do I need to change the setting on my softener?

  • Can you please send me a 'will serve' letter?

  • I am working on a project in your City and I need to obtain a Sewer Capacity Letter in order to submit for Maricopa County Environmental Services Department (MCESD) review. Can you please let me know what I have to do to obtain this letter?