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Water is our most precious resource!

Peoria has enough water to use but never enough to waste

In Peoria, water conservation is a way of life. Peoria actively protects and preserves its diverse water supply through aquifer recharge, direct reuse of reclaimed water for landscaping and other non-drinking water demands, as well as planning and building reliable water infrastructure. Our water customers also play an integral part, recognizing the importance of saving water as a key part of living in a desert environment.

Water Conservation RebatesRebates for Water Conservation

There are three water-saving rebates available to homeowners and commercial customers who wish to be more conscious of their home water usage. Rebates are available to City of Peoria Water Utility customers only. All rebate application requests must be sent within 3 months of installation. A limited number of rebates are available each fiscal year and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fusion Xeriscape Demonstration GardenPeoria Fusion Xeriscape Demonstration Garden


The xeriscape garden is located in front of Peoria City Hall (8401 W Monroe St) on the east side. There are dozens of Arizona-friendly plants on display as well as educational signs to help residents embrace using native plants and desert-friendly landscaping practices.


Adult EducationAdult Education - Sustainable U Series

Peoria offers an adult education series on a wide range of water conservation and sustainable topics. From irrigation systems how-to’s to recycling, we have the class for you. The series, Sustainable University, is free to everyone but registration is encouraged. These free classes and workshops are offered by City of Peoria.

Youth EducationYouth Education

Peoria offers two Project Wet festivals each year to reach all Peoria ISD 4th grade students. At the festivals students learn about the water cycle what the sources or water are in Peoria and much more. To learn more about youth education opportunities and potential classroom presentations please contact

Report Water WasteReport Irrigation / Water Waste

It is unlawful to waste water used for irrigation or to permit water used for irrigation to run upon the public streets or alleys of the city or upon the property of another. (City of Peoria Code, Section 13-36(d)). You can report water waste using the Peoria Reporter app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Waste

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  • Over Spray - Preventing Water Waste

  • Obstructions - Preventing Water Waste

  • Leaks - Preventing Water Waste

  • Design - Preventing Water Waste

  • What is the purpose of flushing fire hydrants, isn't that wasting water?

  • What types of rebates does Peoria's Water Services Department Offer?

Water Saving Ideas and Resources

The City of Peoria’s Sustainability and Conservation staff offers onsite landscape consultations as well as a number of publications available by mail or digital download. Receive a free packet of water conservation related information or schedule a consultation by calling 623-773-7861 or by sending an email to

water by the numbers

Landscape Watering by the Numbers gives instructions for determining how much water your plants need, how much water each part of your watering system applies, and match your system's output to your plants' needs.




Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert contains information on over 200 low water use plant including size, bloom season, and water guidelines.




Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert provides a step-by-step guide for planning, installing, and caring for your landscape. Online version coming soon. Email  to get a free copy.




SHWGpiggraduateThe Smart Home Water Guide offers step-by-step instructions to find & fix leaks that are draining your budget.





Resource for over 100 water savings tips and Arizona-friendly landscaping information.




For more information, contact:

Sustainability and Water Conservation
8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday
(623) 773-7861 or (623) 773-8450

Utility Customer Service
7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Thursday
(623) 773-7160