The Environmental Resources and Sustainability Divisions manage the City of Peoria's water quality, reclaimed water, water resources, stormwater quality, and water conservation programs. The divisions provide policy advice, planning services and programs and assists the city with conducting its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

Latest News

  • Sustain & Gain brochure (PDF). View all the bulk trash, recycling, water conservation and water resource information you’ll need for the upcoming year!
  • Importance of Water to U.S. Economy Report - The EPA has released a detailed report on the importance of water to the U.S. economy. This report is intended to help raise the awareness of water’s importance to our national economic welfare, and to summarize information that public and private decision-makers can use to better manage the nation’s water resources.

Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed Water Sign_Centennial PlazaWater reuse is a key component to Peoria's water supply. The reuse, also known as reclaimed water, is the collection and treatment of wastewater from homes and businesses to be utilized where potable (drinking quality) water is not required. Think parks, landscaped areas and lakes. Learn more about reclaimed water usage in Peoria.




Environmental Resources Division