Backflow Prevention

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It is the City of Peoria's priority to provide quality service and safe drinking water to its customers. To help achieve this goal the Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program was implemented and enforced in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Arizona Administrative Code, to ensure that contamination of the public water system from all potential unprotected cross connection can be minimized with the installation of approved backflow prevention assemblies.

Annual Testing and Tester Information

All required backflow prevention devices must be tested at least annually or more frequently if recommended by the manufacturer, or the Environmental Division. All costs for tests, repairs, and/or backflow assembly replacements will be at the owner’s expense.

Test notices are sent out annually 60 days in advance of when the assembly to be tested is due. Non-compliance with the requirement to perform the annual testing will be subject to water service termination. When completed, test reports must be sent into the Environmental Division no later than 30 Days after the initial test.

The assembly must be installed in accordance with City of Peoria Backflow Details (PDF), inspected by a member of the Environmental or Building Safety Division.

All new backflow prevention installations must be tested and receive a passing score by a City of Peoria Recognized Tester. View a list of Recognized Backflow Testers (PDF).   The Recognized Tester list is updated at the beginning of each month.  The exact date the list is generated can be found in the footer of the list.

To be considered a Recognized Tester please mail or fax the following information:

  • A completed and signed Application for Recognition as a Backflow Assembly Tester (PDF) for each tester.
  • Copy of all tester(s) current certifications.
  • Copy of all current test equipment calibration reports.
  • Copy of tester company current Proof of Insurance ($1,000,000 min Liability).
  • Copy of tester company current Plumbing, Irrigation, or Fire AZROC Contractors License.
  • Copy of current City of Peoria Sales Tax & Business License.

Tester companies may use the City of Peoria Standard Backflow Test Report Form (PDF) or their own standard test report form as long as the report contains field entry information similar to the City of Peoria Standard Test Report Form.  Backflow testers may download the User Manual for Online Test Entry.

Backflow Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Information

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