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Water Services

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The Water Services Department is responsible for maintaining and operating the city’s water supply and infrastructure. We deliver quality services to Peoria residents by using the latest technology and anticipating the needs of the future. The department is comprised of a team of technical and administrative personnel dedicated to providing excellent service and residents a high quality of life.

Contact Information

Billing and Start/Stop Service    (623) 773-7160
Monday-Thursday, 7am to 6pm
Backflow Prevention (623) 773-8444
(623) 773-8490 fax
Blue Stake 811
Drinking Water Quality (623) 773-8467
Drain and Backwash Pool (623) 773-7162
Roach Control (623) 773-7160
Water Conservation Rebates (623) 773-7861
Wastewater (623) 773-7160
Water Leaks (623) 773-7160
Water Shutdown Requests
Online Shutdown Request Form
Print Shutdown Request Form (PDF)


For Water Leaks, call (623) 773-7160
Do Not Call 911 – we have after-hours emergency for water issues: (623) 245-5201

Water Services in Peoria, AZ

Pay Utility Bill

Start/Stop Utility Service

Water Utilities Shutdown Request Form (online)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Peoria's water come from? What causes low water pressure? Find answers to these and many more frequently asked questions about Peoria's water services.

Environmental Resources

Environmental Resources

Learn how the city protects and manages its Environmental Resources through stormwater quality, backflow prevention, and wastewater (sewer) treatment programs.

Water Quality

Water Resources and Quality

Peoria residents enjoy high quality drinking water that is treated and delivered at an excellent value per gallon. View and download water quality reports, learn where Peoria's water comes from, and what happens in case of drought.

Water Conservation and Sustainability

Water Conservation and Sustainability

Peoria works to conserve water by preventing waste, offering water saving ideas and rebate programs to residents, and through free public education classes as part of our Sustainable U program.

Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed (or recycled) water is water that has been treated and meets quality standards for specific uses, such as irrigation. Learn about the safety of reclaimed water, and how and where it is used in Peoria.

Report an Odor

Report an Odor

An odor or "sewer smell" in your home or business may be a sign of trouble with the city's wastewater or stormwater system. Please use this online form to report an odor to our staff.

APWA Accreditation

APWA CertificationIn 2017, the American Public Works Association (APWA) awarded full re-accreditation to the City of Peoria Public Works and Water Services Departments. This prestigious distinction was the result of many months of hard work and dedication from Public Works and Water Services employees.

The accreditation process requires the department to review its programs and procedures and ensure that they conform to nationally-accepted best practices. The examination process is rigorous and time-consuming, but the benefits of ensuring excellent service delivery are worth the effort. Additionally, APWA recognized the City for four model Best Management Practices.