Peoria on the Go (POGO)

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Peoria AZ Circulator Bus Route

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What is "POGO?"

POGO stands for “Peoria on the Go” and is the City of Peoria’s first circulator bus. A circulator is a bus service that is available to residents and visitors and connects neighborhoods with:

  • Local services
  • Local and regional destinations
  • Activity centers
  • The larger metropolitan transit system

What are the basics on POGO?


Service operates Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The route runs bi-directionally (clockwise and counter-clockwise) at 30-minute intervals. POGO is a free service, no fare or fee is charged.

Where does the route go?

The circulator route will cover the area with stops along 83rd Avenue, Happy Valley Road, Lake Pleasant Pkwy, 91st Avenue, and Bell Road. Some of the destinations served include:

  • P83 with entertainment, dining and retail including the Peoria Sports Complex
  • Arrowhead Towne Center and Transit Center with connections to multiple bus routes
  • Liberty and Sunrise Mountain High Schools and multiple charter schools
  • Sunrise Mountain Library
  • Four Corners at Lake Pleasant Parkway and Happy Valley Road featuring retail and restaurants
  • Access to grocery shopping, drug stores, medical and other services
  • Access to parks, trailhead and community amenities
  • Huntington University

The route is designed to provide service to seniors, students, the general population as well as visitors to our city. They can access everyday functions such as school, work, shopping, and medical, as well as dining, recreational and other destinations.

Where do I go for more information or report a problem with bus service or a bus shelter?

Any questions can be directed to:
Peoria Transit (623) 773-7435
Peoria Transit Hotline: (623) 773-8642

POGO Facts

  • Approximately 18 miles each way
  • Route will run bi-directionally, clockwise and counter-clockwise, at 30-minute intervals for 12 hours per day,
  • from about 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Operates Weekdays, Monday through Friday
  • Serving 83rd Avenue, Happy Valley Road, Lake Pleasant Parkway and 91st Avenue
  • Serving about 18,000 residents, 16% of whom are over 65 and 25% of whom are under 18
  • Reaching 8,000 jobs within ¼ mile of the proposed stops
  • Free service (no fare/fee charged)
  • Buses are wheelchair accessible and have bike racks.

POGO How to Ride

Directions of Service

POGO runs every 30 minutes with buses going bi-directionally (in both directions).  One bus goes  Clockwise (CW) and the other runs Counterclockwise (CCW).  You can get on the route, go one direction CW, and take the reverse direction bus CCW to get you back to your original location without having to ride the entire 18-mile loop.

How to Know When to Be at the Bus Stop

The schedule included with this information does not include all bus stops on the POGO route. For non-listed stops, it is recommended to be there the same time as the one listed before it. Keep in mind that the bus typically should not run earlier than the scheduled time, but it could run later. Be at your selected bus stop and watch for the bus. Make sure the driver can see you as they approach the stop.

Layover Explanation

A layover occurs at the end of each trip to allow for a driver’s break and scheduled recovery. POGO has a layover at Arrowhead Towne Center mall, which serves as the Arrowhead Transit Center.

The POGO bus also reverses its direction of travel after the layover at Arrowhead Towne Center. Please note that if you are going to a location beyond the stop at the mall in the same direction of travel, you will need to exit the bus you arrived on and board the next POGO going in your desired direction.


POGO SCHEDULE (effective 6/10/2019)

For real time data on buses, download the POGO App.

POGO Mobile App - Android   -  POGO Mobile App - Apple



Peoria On The Go Bus Schedule - Clockwise Route
ARROWHEAD TOWNE CENTER 91st Ave / Bell Road Lake Pleasant PKWY / Deer Valley Road 83rd Ave / DEER Valley Road Arrowhead Towne Center
6:18a 6:34a 6:49a 7:06a 7:18a
6:48a 7:04a 7:19a 7:36a 7:48a
7:18a 7:34a 7:49a 8:06a 8:18a
7:48a 8:04a 8:19a 8:36a 8:48a
8:18a 8:34a 8:49a 9:06a 9:18a
8:48a 9:04a 9:19a 9:36a 9:48a
9:18a 9:34a 9:49a 10:06a 10:18a
9:48a 10:04a 10:19a 10:36a 10:48a
10:18a 10:34a 10:49a 11:06a 11:18a
10:48a 11:04a 11:19a 11:36a 11:48a
11:18a 11:34a 11:49a 12:06p 12:18p
11:48a 12:04p 12:19p 12:36p 12:48p
12:18p 12:34p 12:49p 1:06p 1:18p
12:48p 1:04p 1:19p 1:36p 1:48p
1:18p 1:34p 1:49p 2:06p 2:18p
1:48p 2:04p 2:19p 2:36p 2:48p
2:18p 2:34p 2:49p 3:06p 3:18p
2:48p 3:04p 3:19p 3:36p 3:48p
3:18p 3:34p 3:49p 4:06p 4:18p
3:48p 4:04p 4:19p 4:36p 4:48p
4:18p 4:34p 4:49p 5:06p 5:18p
4:48p 5:04p 5:19p 5:36p 5:48p
5:18p 5:34p 5:49p 6:06p 6:18p
5:48p 6:04p 6:19p 6:36p 6:48p
6:18p 6:34p 6:49p 7:06p 7:18p


Peoria On The Go Bus Schedule - Counterclockwise Route
6:00a 6:15a 6:32a 6:47a 7:06a
6:30a 6:45a 7:02a 7:17a 7:36a
7:00a 7:15a 7:32a 7:47a 8:06a
7:30a 7:45a 8:02a 8:17a 8:36a
8:00a 8:15a 8:32a 8:47a 9:06a
8:30a 8:45a 9:02a 9:17a 9:36a
9:00a 9:15a 9:32a 9:47a 10:06a
9:30a 9:45a 10:02a 10:17a 10:36a
10:00a 10:15a 10:32a 10:47a 11:06a
10:30a 10:45a 11:02a 11:17a 11:36a
11:00a 11:15a 11:32a 11:47a 12:06p
11:30a 11:45a 12:02p 12:17p 12:36p
12:00p 12:15p 12:32p 12:47p 1:06p
12:30p 12:45p 1:02p 1:17p 1:36p
1:00p 1:15p 1:32p 1:47p 2:06p
1:30p 1:45p 2:02p 2:17p 2:36p
2:00p 2:15p 2:32p 2:47p 3:06p
2:30p 2:45p 3:02p 3:17p 3:36p
3:00p 3:15p 3:32p 3:47p 4:06p
3:30p 3:45p 4:02p 4:17p 4:36p
4:00p 4:15p 4:32p 4:47p 5:06p
4:30p 4:45p 5:02p 5:17p 5:36p
5:00p 5:15p 5:32p 5:47p 6:06p
5:30p 5:45p 6:02p 6:17p 6:36p
6:00p 6:15p 6:32p 6:47p 7:06p



The POGO service does not operate on the following Holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Any questions can be directed to:
Peoria Transit (623) 773-7435
Peoria Transit Hotline: (623) 773-8642