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Bikes on Valley Metro

Bike and ride anytime on Valley Metro. All buses are equipped with bicycle racks. Always remove all loose objects from your bike before the bus arrives. Mount your bike on the rack attached to the front of the bus (each rack holds two bikes), board the bus, pay your fare and continue your trip in air-conditioned comfort. As the bus approaches your stop, let the operator know you have to unload your bike.

Biking Safety

  • Use caution when stepping off the curb to load or unload your bike.
  • Wait for the bus to leave before crossing the street.
  • Observe all local traffic laws while riding your bike.
  • Be patient while others load or remove bikes from the rack. Load and unload quickly.
  • Helmets have high visibility and provide protection for your head during a crash.
  • Wear a helmet whenever you bike.
  • Wear bright clothing during daylight hours and reflective clothing at night.

Park and Ride Facilities

The City of Peoria’s Park & Ride facilities are conveniently located near the Peoria Avenue (#106) and Grand Avenue Limited bus routes. Park & Ride lots are designed to provide convenient access to transit services.

Park free at one of the two facilities and take Valley Metro buses to your final destination.

East Facility

Northeast corner of Jefferson & 84th Avenue




West Facility

Southwest corner of Washington & 84th Avenue




About the Transit Division

Peoria is proud to offer its residents an alternative to driving, public transportation (Dial-a-Ride and Fixed Route service). For details on alternative transportation, travel tips, Park & Ride facilities and Peoria’s transit policies refer to the menu.

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