Commercial Trash Services

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The city of Peoria is proud to support our business community by offering high-quality commercial solid waste services. We offer a variety of services including bulk-trash collection for businesses, roll-off bins, and front-load service for both trash and recycle. We also offer service for contractors and multi-family residential developments.

  • Peoria offers competitive rates and outstanding customer service.
  • We maintain and repair all containers.
  • Service is provided seven days a week, including holidays.
  • In the event that your container is blocked, Peoria will contact the responsible person to ensure you receive the service you are paying for.

Commercial Solid Waste Application Form (PDF)

Front Load Trash Services

Solid-Waste-Front-LoadWe have front-load containers to fit the needs of your business. We have 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard containers to meet your needs.

Collection is available from one to seven days a week.

Rates calculations are based upon the size of the container and the number of services per week.

Plastic lids are standard. Rolling containers and locks are available for a fee.

A $225.00 deposit is required.

Number of Collections per Week 2 Cubic Yards 3 Cubic Yards 4 Cubic Yards 6 Cubic Yards 8 Cubic Yards
1 $68.18 $72.51 $76.91 $85.63 $94.34
2 $106.27 $116.56 $126.92 $147.59 $168.14
3 $156.38 $171.79 $187.23 $218.10 $248.87
4 $206.51 $226.97 $247.56 $288.60 $329.57
5 $256.62 $282.20 $307.86 $359.10 $410.25
6 $306.75 $337.43 $368.18 $429.62 $490.97
7 $369.40 $406.46 $443.57 $517.77 $591.87


Front Load Recycle Services

Commercial recycling services are available to businesses and multifamily residential complexes that contract with the city for refuse services.

Number of Collections per Week 300 Gallon Container 2 Cubic Yards 3 Cubic Yards 4 Cubic Yards 6 Cubic Yards 8 Cubic Yards
1 $26.00 $26.00 $26.00 $26.00 $26.00 $26.00
2 $52.00 $52.00 $52.00 $52.00 $52.00 $52.00

Associated Front Load Fees:

Container relocation: $35.00
Locking devices: $5.00
Casters: $6.00
Handling (Gates and pull outs of containers): $3.00
Container painting: $70.00
Container delivery fee: $32.00

Roll Off Services

Solid-Waste-Roll-OffRoll off containers are ideal for larger amounts of refuse. Roll off containers can be used for businesses, construction, industrial and home improvement projects such as remodeling or landscape renovation.

We offer 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard roll off containers. Service is provided six days a week. We also provide service for privately owned compactors.

All roll off containers are 8 feet wide and about 22 feet long. 

  • 20 yard containers are 4 feet tall
  • 30 yard containers are 6 feet tall
  • 40 yard containers are 8 feet tall

Roll off containers are serviced on an on-call or scheduled basis and are billed on a monthly basis. A $225.00 deposit is required. A minimum of one pull is required per month if roll off will be utilized on an ongoing basis. Monthly rental fee for each size of roll container is $50.00 per month.


Container Size Pull Fee (per service) Disposal Fee Delivery Fee
20, 30, 40 yard $210.00 $31.00 per ton $32.00

Associated Roll Off Fees:

Container Relocation: $35.00
Un-Load (Overloaded Container): $35.00
Dry Run (Container not Ready): $35.00


Email us at or call the Solid Waste Division at 623.773.7895 for more information.