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Alarm System Registration

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Many residents feel a sense of security and well-being after installing a security alarm system at their home or business. The City of Peoria requires security alarm owners to register with the City within 10 days of alarm system activation. (Peoria City Code Sec. 15-35)

As of March 1, 2019 new alarm registrations and annual renewals are done through a third party vendor (Famspermit).


Alarm Registration FAQ

Am I required to register my alarm system?

YES, per Peoria City Code Sec. 15-35, all alarm system users must apply for a permit from the city within 10 days of alarm system activation.

What types of security alarm systems are included?

Examples of popular security alarm systems include (but are not limited to): Brinks™, ADT™, SimpliSafe™, Ring™ Alarm System (not video doorbell), Google Nest™ Alarm, Cox Homelife™ Security, and others.

Which type of alarm system should I purchase?

The City of Peoria does not recommend or endorse any particular brand or model of alarm. We suggest reading reviews online or checking with Consumer Reports or other similar publications for recommendations.

How do I register my alarm system?

The City of Peoria contracts with a third-party provider for alarm system registrations. Alarm system registration is done online by visiting and click on the link "Apply for Permit and Pay Online."

What if I have additional questions or need help with the registration process?

For assistance, please contact Famspermit (PMAM Corporation) by calling: 888-509-9159.

What is the fee to register my security alarm system?

The initial registration fee for residential location is $20.00 and for commercial location is $140.00.

What is the renewal fee for a security alarm system?

The annual renewal fee for residential location is $10.00 and for commercial location is $20.00.

How do I renew an existing alarm permit?

If you have obtained an alarm permit in the past or currently have an active permit on file, you don't need to obtain a new alarm permit. You can renew your alarm permit by visiting and clicking the 'Pay your bill now Credit Card Payment' option. If you don't know the permit number and the bill number, please contact customer service at 888-509-9159 for further assistance.

What is the renewal period for alarm permits?

All permits are valid for one year from the issue date and must be renewed annually. Alarm permits cannot be transferred to another person or location.

What if I registered before March 1, 2019?

Prior to March 1, 2019 all alarm system registrations and renewals were handled by the Peoria Police Department. If you have previously registered your account information has been transferred to the new system.

What if I have more than one location?

If an alarm user has one or more alarm systems protecting two or more separate structures having different addresses and/or tenants, a separate permit shall be required for each structure and/or tenant. The single owner of a single paneled multi-unit complex with the same address can obtain one permit.

What is the penalty for not registering?

Unregistered locations shall be charged $100.00 per violation.

What is a False Alarm?

"False Alarm" means any activation of an alarm not caused by or as a result of criminal act or unauthorized entry, except for activation for testing purposes when the police department has been given advance notice, or activation caused by the police department.

False alarms are costly and dangerous because they divert police officers from proactive crime prevention efforts. They also delay response to calls that may be true emergencies.

How can I reduce the probability of a False Alarm?

View / download 40 Tips to Reduce False Alarms (PDF)