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Neighborhood Block Watch

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Neighbors working together in cooperation with law enforcement can make one of the best crime-fighting teams around. Neighborhood Block Watch is a free program that involves getting acquainted with your neighbors, looking out for one another, and learning more about crime prevention. The program fights the isolation and separation that criminals prey upon in neighborhoods, while building a partnership between police and the community they serve.

What Are The Benefits Of Neighborhood Block Watch?

  • Reducing the risk of being a crime victim.
  • Being better prepared to respond to suspicious activity.
  • Increased information on issues that impact neighborhoods.
  • Knowing your neighbors.
  • Reducing the fear of crime and making your neighborhood more livable.
  • Allowing other issues of concern for the community to be addressed.

How Do I Start A Neighborhood Block Watch Program?

  • Talk with your neighbors to determine if they have interest in the program.
  • Ask two or three neighbors to assist you by becoming Co-Captains.
  • Discuss neighborhood concerns
  • Inform them of the benefit of the Neighborhood Block Watch.
  • Let them know Neighborhood Block Watch does not require frequent meetings or personal risk.
  • Ask all of your neighbors for their support and participation.

If you are interested in starting a program in your area, please contact us at 623-773-7099. We will assist with the enrollment process for you and your neighbors and with getting program signs posted in your area.

For an established program to remain as an active certified status, a watch group must have a minimum of one annual neighborhood function (i.e. Neighborhood Watch meeting, block party, BBQ, etc.). A police department representative must be present at one of these functions once every two years.