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Crime Shield

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Your Peoria Police Crime Shield LogoDepartment has set goals for reducing property crime through prevention, deterrence and awareness. Operation Crime Shield is specifically designed to address property crime by working in partnership with our community and by helping community members build a defense to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. We hope you will join us in the fight against crime and share this program with neighbors and friends as we continue “Partnering with the Community to Prevent Crime.”

What is Operation Crime Shield?

Operation Crime Shield is a program specifically designed to assist members in our community to build a defense against property crime.  This defense is constructed around three basic premises:

  • Education
  • Deterrence
  • Awareness

By informing our community about areas of vulnerability, assisting them in better securing their property to deter criminals, and  making them aware of criminal activity; we can reduce the chance of victimization. 

How does Crime Shield Work?

We work with you to help you protect your residence or business from criminals.  We do this by providing information on how you may be vulnerable to criminals and what steps you can take to protect your property. 

We also provide a checklist to build a strong defense to deter criminals and help recover your valuables if stolen. After providing you this information, we offer the additional service of conducting an assessment by trained personnel and if all criteria are met, we will certify your residence or business as a Crime Shield property.

In addition, we provide information sources on criminal activity that affects you to raise your awareness. By becoming a certified Crime Shield Property, we will give you a sign or sticker you can put outside your property telling every criminal that you have defended your property from thieves.  

You can download the checklists here: