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City Protect

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The Peoria Police Department has launched the web-based program This program allows citizens a real-time and transparent review of police activity and incident information. The program extracts police activity daily, displaying activity as recent as the previous evening, and may be viewed by accessing the Police Department’s Web page.

The actual Web site is hosted by The Omega Group, a leader in utilizing technology to assist law enforcement since 1992. Many other police departments have this or similar programs which have been well received by their communities.

The hosted site provides a simple interface for citizens to see public information related to locations of criminal activity as provided by the Police Department’s Records Management System. The goal of this product is to increase our citizens’ knowledge and understanding of crime in their particular neighborhoods to enhance the existing partnership between our community and the Police Department. This tool will be especially effective with our current “block watch” programs and will provide a mechanism to better inform interested parties about specific activity in their area.

City Protect will group police data into logical units (e.g., Arson, Assault, Robbery, etc.) which will enable citizens to review only the crimes of interest for their specific concern or question. However, sex crimes and domestic violence calls will not be available for review due to the sensitivity of these types of calls. Data will be available for a rolling period of 90 days, and will be generalized to the block of the address rather than indicate the actual address.

We are very excited about the program and believe it will provide our citizens with the most up-to-date crime data available. An informed community is a safer community, and every citizen has a need and a right to know what is occurring in their neighborhood so they may make better crime prevention decisions.