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Community Relations Programs

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The Community Relations Section manages crime prevention and educational programs offered by the department. This section is tasked with many support functions, which are vital to the success of community-oriented police and the establishment of partnerships with the citizens of Peoria. To contact Community Relations call 623-773-7099. Below are links to individual programs and services.


Block Party / Street Closure

Information on how to set up a block party or street closure for an event in your neighborhood.

Citizens Police Academy

Learn hands on about how law enforcement and the Peoria Police Department works in this 9-week academy. Open to adults who live or work in Peoria and have not attend a previous academy.

Citizens Ride Along Program

Citizen's Ride-Along Program provides citizens with an insight into police activities and functions by riding with a uniformed patrol officer, during a normal shift, under controlled conditions.

Coffee with a Cop

Get a chance to talk with local Peoria Police officers in an informal setting.

Community Emergency Notification System (C.E.N.S.)

This County-wide system is designed to rapidly notify an affected area of an emergency by sending a recorded message through the telephone system.

Crime Bulletins

Don't have time to listen to the police scanner, but want to know about crime in your community?Subscribe to Crime Bulletins via email.

Crime-Free Mini Storage

This program helps renters, owners, and managers of mini-storage properties keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property.

Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program

The Peoria Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is a free program designed to help owners and managers of rental and mobile housing properties keep drugs and other illegal activity off their properties. For more information contact Police Community Services at 623-773-7099. 

Crime Reports

See where crimes are occurring in Peoria in partnership with

Crime Shield

Protect your home or business from thieves with the help of the Peoria Police. 

Explorer Program

The Peoria Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer Post #2999 offers teens a great way to learn about law enforcement. 

Eyes and Ears Program

The Eyes and Ears program is meant to enhance the responsibilities of our city workers to create a sense of neighborhood security to positively impact neighborhood environments in a way that maintains the safety and well being of our employees.

Hide It...Lock It...or Lose It

The Peoria Police Department wants you to know that we’re watching out for you. If you received a card on your vehicle, it is because an officer or police volunteer saw your vehicle with an open window, property left in plain view, doors left unlocked, or even keys left in the vehicle.

Motorcycle Safety Class

Peoria's Motorcycle Safety Classes are offered once or twice a year and combine classroom discussion with hands-on instruction to promote safe riding habits.

Neighborhood Block Watch

Learn about starting a block watch organization in your neighborhood.

Park Watch Program

Learn about Peoria's Park Watch program and how you can get involved.

Safe-Cam Program

Register your security cameras with the Peoria Police Department to assist in solving crimes. 

Seniors And Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.)

This program creates a unique partnership between the Police Department and senior citizens in the community.

United Community Action Network (U.C.A.N.)

The United Community Action Network program is now administered by the Community Assistance division starting in mid-2019.

Vacation Watch Program

Sign up to have police volunteers keep an eye out for suspicious activity at your residence while you are on vacation.

Victim Resources

Victims of domestic abuse and other crimes can find help from the Peoria Police Victim's Assistance Unit.

Volunteer Program

Get involved with the Peoria Police Department as a volunteer.

Youth Citizen Academy

This program is intended to introduce children entering junior high school to what the Peoria Police Department is all about.