Timeline (Late 1970s to 1990s)

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  • 1977 Brewers spring training began at Greenway Sports Complex 


  • 1983 Voters approved a city charter 
  • 1984 Salt River Project’s urban water use surpasses agricultural use for the first time in its history 
  • 1986 Peoria celebrated its centennial 
  • 1988 Construction of a new municipal government complex begun 

The tempo of growth in Peoria accelerated through the last quarter of the twentieth century. From a population of 4,792 in 1970, the city grew to 12,351 in 1980 and 50,675 in 1990. The change from 1980 to 1990 alone represented a 300 percent increase in the city’s population. 


  • 1991 City hall and court buildings opened at the new city complex 
  • 1993 Council Chamber and Library construction completed 
  • 1994 Peoria Sports Complex opened 
  • 1998 City’s first wastewater treatment plant completed

In the early 1990s Peoria approved construction of another landmark facility, the Peoria Sports Complex. Completed in 1994, the sports complex was the first Major League Baseball spring training facility in the country that is shared by two teams. The San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners utilize the complex year-round for spring training and player development. The two teams signed their second 20 year agreement with the City in 2012.

The sprawling Peoria Sports Complex sits on 150 acres on 83rd Avenue just south of Bell Road. Comprised of an 11,000-seat stadium and twelve major-league-sized practice fields.

In addition to professional and amateur baseball activities, the sports complex hosts community events, concerts and festivals which has helped Peoria gain a national reputation for having an outstanding quality of life.

An aerial view of the main field of the Peoria Sports Complex. 

Lake Pleasant 
One of Peoria’s most unique features is the 25,000-acre Lake Pleasant Regional Park at the city’s northern edge. Arizona’s second largest lake is part of the Maricopa County Regional Park system that was annexed along with other lands, covering the counties of Maricopa and Yavapai, in the northern part of the city in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Kayakers enjoy the open waters of Lake Pleasant

Peoria’s Cattle Brand 

In 1999 John F. Long, a developer and former City of Phoenix Councilmember, offered the city the grazing rights for eight square miles of state lands located in north Peoria. These rights would allow the city to maintain some authority over the future preservation of the lands, a critical consideration given the fact that much of thei area falls within the city’s Desert Lands Conservation Master Plan. In order for the transfer of grazing rights to occur, however, Peoria had to have an official livestock brand register with the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

Peoria's official livestock brand