Peoria's Veterans Memorial is located at Rio Vista Community Park
8866 W. Thunderbird Rd., Peoria, AZ 85381

Memorial Wall

Honor Wall

Senator John McCain Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza

Veterans Memorial Board Members

A Lasting Legacy
by John Kane, Architekton

The Peoria Veterans Memorial pays tribute to the past, present and future veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made to protect our country, ideals and virtues. The linear configuration of the memorial represents a time line progressing through the history of our country and projecting into the future.

It begins with the flags located on axis with the pedestrian bridge and the public lobby of the recreation center. The bridge has been designed not just as a path, but also as a gathering space for ceremonial events that may occur at the memorial. The stone clad wall that runs the length of the memorial embodies the past, a history frozen in time. The graphics etched into the surface pay tribute not only to the battles, but also to the individuals that have served our country. The path represents the present. Its story is about those who currently are serving our country at home and abroad.

The lake flows with water, a symbol of life. It represents our future constantly flowing and providing the memorial with the tranquil ambient sound of life. At the end of the monument, a small gathering area provides shade and seating for quiet reflection.

The message is to every man and woman who have served in the armed forces that we owe our thanks for protecting our families and our country. The story is told through the narratives and graphics etched or embedded into the surfaces of the monument.

Veteran Services and Support

Please visit Peoria SUPPORT to download our Community Resource Guide which provides veterans with contact information for non-profits and assistance programs in their local area.