Rio Vista Facility Rentals FAQ

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Peoria's Rio Vista Recreation Center is a great location to host an event. On this page you will find some Frequently Asked Questions and answers about planning and hosting an event at this facility. 

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  • Are food trucks allowed at my event?

  • Are linens provided in my rental fee?

  • Can I bring in my own food?

  • Can I charge guests an entrance fee for my event?

  • Can I have alcohol at my event?

  • Can I have my ceremony on the patio?

  • Can I reserve just one hour for a meeting?

  • Can I stop by anytime to view the rental rooms?

  • Can I use candles for decorations during my event?

  • Do you have a dance floor?

  • Do you provide any discounts?

  • Does Rio Vista set up my decorations?

  • How early can I set up for my event?

  • How late can I have my event?

  • How much do I pay to reserve a room?

  • If I reserve the Lakeview Room, do I get access to the patio?

  • Is there enough parking for my event?

  • What do I need to reserve a rental room at Rio Vista Recreation Center?

  • What happens if I cancel my reservation?

  • What is included when I reserve a room?

  • What type of license does my catering company need?

  • When is my deposit refunded?