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Peoria Public Art

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The Peoria Arts Commission oversees Peoria’s public art program.  Funding for art projects comes from the city’s capital improvement projects (streets, parks, fire stations, libraries, etc.) which contribute one percent of the total cost of the projects into a dedicated arts fund.  The arts fund is then used for acquiring public art. 

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Barrel Cactus - Sculpture by Gordon Heuther

These iconic Barrel Cactus sculptures are being considered as an addition to Deer Village Park before the end of 2018. The artist is renowned International Sculptor, Gordon Huether. Gordon Huether Studio resides in Napa, CA and one of his public sculptures, Aureole, is on display at Peoria's Centennial Plaza in the City Hall Complex. The Barrel Cactus sculptures will be made of dichroic glass and the heights of the three pieces will be ten, six and four feet with diameters of 11’-6”, 5’-8” and 3’ respectively. Water-jet cut curved safety laminated dichroic glass will be mounted to aluminum-channeled pipes and substructures and sit atop poured round concrete, low-profile foundations.

Thank you for submitting your comments regarding "Barrel Cactus." Feedback has closed as of June 30, 2018.

Public Art Projects Along Happy Valley Road

Artists's Presentations and Feedback
The Arts Commission invited the public to provide feedback at two meetings, September 14 and 20, and on the website regarding public art along Happy Valley Road at Lake Pleasant Parkway and at 83rd Ave.

Project: Happy Valley Road & Lake Pleasant Parkway

For this location, Jeff Zischke's concept has been approved by Mayor and Council. The artwork is expected to be installed this summer.  Watch Zischke's presentation


September 2018 Update: Construction of the massive base structure is underway and will soon be transported to its final destination for completion. The lighted structure will welcome one and all to Peoria’s gateway from the north! Watch a video about Blooming Spire on Facebook.


Jeff Zischke at his Studio and Blooming Spire in Transit.

Gallery 37 Murals

The West Valley Art Council (WVAC) rolls out Gallery 37 each summer as a partnership between the organization and cities of the West Valley. The WVAC uses a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts to support Gallery 37. As a community project Gallery 37 joins a teaching artist and high school and community college students to design and execute. Local artists and students applied to WVAC to become part of the project. The artist works with the students to develop a design. The design mockup is presented at an Arts Commission meeting. Under the direction of the artist, the students produced the mural, while earning credit at the community college level.

Upcoming mural project:

Proposed Art mural. Mirage on 83rd
Above: Artist rendition of the mural to be installed at 83rd Avenue and Village Parkway.
The mural will be mounted on the east-side masonry wall that currently borders the trailhead property.

Gallery 37 murals completed in 2017:

"Coalescence" mural
located on the southeast corner of Happy Valley Road and 93rd Avenue

People_of_the_Sun"People of the Sun" mural
Located on the north side of Happy Valley Road at approx. 94th Avenue

Public Art

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