This information applies to Public Safety employees only.

Effective August 3, 2018, this law provides *First Responders up to 36 licensed counseling visits per incident with the licensed mental health professional of their choice, paid for by the employer at rates set by the Industrial Commission of Arizona, when the employee is exposed to any one of the following events in the course of duty:

  • Visually witnessing the death or aiming or visually witnessing immediate aftermath of such a death or maiming of one or more human beings;
  • responding to or being directly involved in a criminal investigation of an offense involving a dangerous crime against children as defined in section 13-705;
  • Requiring rescue in the line of duty where one's life was endangered;
  • Using deadly force or being subjected to deadly force in the line of duty, regardless of whether a Police Officer or Firefighter was physically injured; 
  • Witnessing death of another Firefighter or Police Officer while engaged in the line of duty; or
  • Responding to or being directly involved in investigation regarding drowning or near drowning of a child.

Employees may choose to file the incident as a Workers' Compensation claim, seek counseling through EAP, or select a provider of their choice.

*First Responders include: Firefighter, Fire Engineer, Fire Captain, Fire Battalion Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Fire Chief, Police Officer, Police Sergeant, Police Lieutenant, Police Commander, Deputy Police Chief and Police Chief.