Technical Rescue Teams (TRT)

The Peoria Fire-Medical Department  deploys two Technical Rescue Teams (TRT.) These teams respond to incidents requiring rope rescue, swift water rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, structural collapse, and helicopter rescue. One team staffs a fire engine, the other staffs the ladder or ladder tender, both are accompanied by a TRT support truck. These units are equipped with specialty rescue equipment ranging from swift water rescue tools (for saving people from flooded washes,) to  extrication tools such as power rams, power spreaders and power cutters (for getting people out of burning or collapsed buildings, or extricating victims from a car crash.)

fire5Wildland Firefighters

Peoria Fire-Medical had a group of trained wildland firefighters who are utilized around the state and country to help battle wildland fires. We are a part of the Central Arizona Wildland Response Team (CAWRT) and share resources with other departments to battle wildland fires. The CAWRT is a consortium of over 20 local fire agencies in central Arizona that participate in state and nationwide wildland fire response.  CAWRT agencies are cooperators with the Arizona State Forestry Division and work in the Region 3 Southwest Geographic area. CAWRT is divided into two Wildland Resource Groups (WRG) of about 15 WRG's statewide to meet Arizona Forestry resource coordination and mobilization needs.

Bike Teams

SpecialOps_BikeTeamTwenty-five of the Peoria Fire Department members are also trained to staff paramedic bike teams. These teams provide highly mobile advanced life support services and are deployed for parades, sporting events, and other special events where normal access of fire apparatus is difficult.

Hazardous Materials Team

The Peoria Fire-Medical hazardous materials team is housed at fire station 193 on 83rd Avenue and Emile Zola. The station is equipped with a fire engine and a hazardous materials truck. The crew responds to chemical spills, gas leaks, carbon monoxide calls and any other situation where dangerous materials come into contact with the environment. The crew goes through 12 weeks of specialized training and then continuing education every week.

Rescue Swimmers

Peoria Fire-Medical provides emergency medical response and fire suppression services at Lake Pleasant. Fire Station 199 has access to a fire boat, specialized fire engine, brush truck and a rescue vehicle. The crew has the ability to respond to a variety of emergencies both on and off of the lake. The rescue swimmers are trained in response techniques for rescue scenarios in the water. They respond to drowning incidents, injured persons, and boating accidents.