The Peoria Fire-Medical Department has provided Advanced Life Support Paramedic care to the residents and visitors of Peoria for the past 30 years. The recent name change to add Medical to the title of the Peoria Fire-Medical Department was done to reflect the important role the fire department plays in medical response. Eighty-five percent of the calls to the fire department are medical. Our top calls for service involve car crashes, falls, heart problems, breathing problems, stroke, illness etc.  

Emergency Medical Paramedics

Peoria Fire-Medical is the first response for medical calls within the city. When you dial 911 for a medical emergency, the first vehicle on scene will be a fire truck. This may be confusing to residents who are not expecting the firefighters to provide medical care.

Every fire engine carries two emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and two paramedics. Paramedics provide Advanced Life Support, a higher level of care. They have the ability to administer intravenous medications, open a patient’s airway, interpret readings from the heart monitor and other advanced skills. Paramedics go through an additional 18 to 24 months of training on top of their EMT training.

When you dial 911 for a medical issue, you will get a fire truck on scene first. If it is necessary to transport you to the hospital, an ambulance will arrive shortly thereafter. Ambulances typically carry two EMTs, however, the paramedic level care is provided by Peoria Fire-Medical paramedics who will travel with along with the patient to the hospital.

There are future plans purchase and operate our own Peoria Fire-Medical ambulances which will be staffed by firefighter paramedics. For now, the ambulance service is run by a private company, with firefighter paramedics providing Advance Life Support in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The Peoria Fire-Medical Department has been named a Premier Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Agency from the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS).