Peoria Fire-Medical Paramedics

The Peoria Fire-Medical Department has two EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and two paramedics on every fire engine. Over 80 percent of calls to the fire department are for a medical response. When you dial 911 for a medical issue, from a stroke to a broken leg, you will always get firefighters as your first response. Learn more about our fire paramedics.


Medical Services Recognition

The Peoria Fire-Medical Department has been recognized as a EMS Premier Agency and a Heart Safe City. We are a fully accredited department with Internationally Accredited Agency status with CFAI and the Center for Public Safety Excellence.


CPR Programs

A vital part of the Chain of Survival for a cardiac arrest patient is early bystander CPR. You can be the difference between life or death in a cardiac emergency. Learn more about our free hands-only CPR classes, online classes or watch a video to learn the basics.


Moving Forward

The Peoria Fire-Medical Department is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our medical response for our residents. Some of the new programs we are working on include a deploying Low Acuity Vehicle, implementing Community Paramedicine and purchasing and deploying our own Ambulances. Click to find out more.