Peoria Fire Department Residential Lock Box Program

For questions or to order a lock box and schedule an appointment please contact Kyle Layne at (623) 773-7919

What is a Lock Box?

A residential lock box is a small metal box that opens with a proprietary key that only Police and Fire have access to. The box is mounted on the exterior of the home and the homeowner provides a house key and/or screen door key to be permanently locked in the box. The residential box is similar to, but smaller than, the commercial lock box that every Peoria business is required to have.

Why would I want a Lock Box?

In many emergency situations, an individual who calls 911 may not be able to open their door when firefighters arrive. This is especially true with senior citizens that suffer a fall, stroke or heart attack. In these instances, every second counts. Currently, firefighters must break through a door or a window, causing damage and costing money and valuable time.

How do I get one?

You can purchase your lock box through the Peoria Fire Department for $50.00 - a greatly reduced price. We will bring the box to your home and install it onto the exterior of your house, typically on the front door frame. We will then lock your keys into the box using our special key. Police and Fire will be the only one to have access to this box.

To Order

Lock Boxes can be ordered for $50.00 – this price includes installation. Checks are to be made to: City Of Peoria.