Pinnacle Peak County Island Fire Subscription Information

The Peoria Fire-Medical Department is now offering Fire and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) coverage to the residents of the Pinnacle Peak County Island by offering a subscription service for a flat rate of $450 a year.

With a subscription of Fire and Medical services coverage with the Peoria Fire Department, you will receive faster response times, a reduction of home insurance rates and the lowest subscription fee being offered. You will receive all of this without being annexed into the City. 

In addition, subscribers will receive:

  • Fire and Medical subscription at a direct wholesale rate without a middle man. This service will be less expensive than the fire district rate. (Since Peoria Fire-Medical Departments already respond to your emergencies, why pay more?)
  • Fast response from Peoria Fire Station 195, literally right across the street, housing:
    • Paramedic Fire Engine
    • Water tanker with 3000 gal. of water (important in area with limited fire hydrants)
    • Battalion Chief truck
    • Soon to house a Peoria Paramedic Ambulance
  • Possible lower insurance rates
  • Peoria Fire – Medical is recognized with an international accreditation fire department
  • Peoria Fire – Medical is recognized by the State of Arizona as Premier EMS agency
  • Peoria Fire – Medical is recognized by the State of Arizona as Safe Heart City

If you have questions about subscriptions, please feel free to call Fire-Medical Administration at 623-773-7279.

Subscribe Now - download the subscription contract (PDF)