Bids and RFPs

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Bid Solicitations and Opportunities List

The City of Peoria uses outside vendors to procure services, technical expertise, or special capabilities to complete city projects. This page contains a listing of current bid opportunities available for Procurement. These may include request for proposal (RFP) documents, request for information (RFI) documents, and other open solicitations. We welcome and encourage diverse suppliers participation!

Notice to Vendors

The City of Peoria has transitioned to a new procurement system called Bonfire in Q4 2019. Starting in mid-November 2019, we will no longer accept vendor registrations through the City’s website (old process). You will need to register with Bonfire in order to be considered for any solicitation with the City’s Purchasing Department.

Please use the link below to access Bonfire. Through this system, you will be able to receive notification and download your solicitation documents, and you will also be able to upload and submit your responses electronically.

Register Here:

The City of Peoria is excited to introduce this technology to our Vendor community. We appreciate your support in this transition.

Disclaimer: The City of Peoria, Arizona, provides current and complete solicitation information on this website for registered Plan Holders only. Updates, amendments and related information regarding the solicitations contained herein will be delivered to Plan Holders as defined on this website. The City assumes no liability or duty to so update or to send any update to persons who are not Plan Holders. Any person who acquires these documents from any source other than this City website or directly from the Materials Management Division, has no assurance that the solicitation is valid. No person may amend this document, nor may any person publish it without this disclaimer.