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Community Facilities District

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Residents of the Vistancia community in the northern portion of Peoria, Arizona are part of a Community Facilities District or CFD. This is a special improvement district created by the city in October 2002 under Arizona State Law.

The purpose of a CFD is to help finance the construction, operation, and maintenance of public infrastructure such as sewage systems, water systems, drainage and flood control, roadways and traffic control systems, and other improvements that benefit all residents within Vistancia. For a detailed description, please refer to the document below called Vistancia CFD Background and General Information.

General Information

Community Facilities District Policy Guidelines and Application Procedures (PDF)

Vistancia CFD Background and General Information (PDF)

Vistancia West CFD (PDF) - Coming Soon


Annual Reports

FY18-19 Vistancia CFD Annual Report (PDF)

FY18-19 Vistancia West CFD Annual Report (PDF)

FY17-18 Vistancia CFD Annual Report (PDF)

FY17-18 Vistancia West CFD Annual Report (PDF)

FY16-17 Vistancia CFD Annual Report (PDF)

FY16-17 Vistancia West CFD Annual Report (PDF)

FY15-16 Vistancia CFD Annual Report (PDF)

FY14-15 Vistancia CFD Annual Report (PDF)



Annual Budgets and Tax Levy

FY18-19 Vistancia CFD Budget and Tax Levy (PDF)

FY18-19 Vistancia West CFD Budget and Tax Levy (PDF)

FY17-18 Vistancia CFD Budget and Tax Levy (PDF)

FY17-18 Vistancia West CFD Budget and Tax Levy (PDF)


District Contracts

Community Facilities Underwriting Contract – Stifle, Nicolaus & Company, Inc. (PDF)



A searchable database of resolutions can be found on the following Peoria document webpage. Enter name of CFD to search for resolutions containing the respective CFD.

Access the Peoria Documents searchable database. 


CFD Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

View current and archived public meeting notices.

View City Council Meetings This webpage contains a searchable database of board meeting notices, agendas and minutes.


Official Statements and Continuing Disclosures

Official statements and continuing disclosures for each CFD debt issuance can be located through the EMMA Electronic Municipal Market Access searchable database. Enter name of CFD or CUSIP to search for the respective official statements and continuing disclosures.

Vistancia CUSIP – 92839N

Vistancia West CUSIP – 92840W

Access the Electronic Municipal Market Access (E.M.M.A.) database


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