Traffic Count Information

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Each year, selected street segments are monitored for traffic counts and speed over a 24 hour period. Traffic Counts provide information on growth and travel trends in the city and can be used for various planning and marketing purposes. Counts are taken during a 24-hour period at each location during a typical business day while school is in session.

Helpful Hints for Using the Interactive Map

  • Each year’s results can be controlled using its own layer list check box for a user defined selection. By default the most current years are on.
  • The street segments are color coded to depict count range, See legend for list.
  • The labels are scale sensitive and do not display until zoomed in.
  • Traffic Counters locations are also scale sensitive and are shown in the reported Lat \ Long location.
  • The label information shown for Traffic Counts depicts the total vehicle volume counted for the selected segment.
  • The label information shown for Traffic 85% Speed depicts the combined average 85th percentile speed for both directions for the selected segment.
  • The map also has search capabilities. You can search by: Street Segment ID, Collection ID, Addresses and Intersections (must use "and" between street names. Example: "Bell Rd and 91st Av".)

For further assistance, please see the Traffic Counts Survey Web Application Help Guide (PDF)
Or contact Peoria Traffic Engineering Division at: 623-773-7394