Peoria Is The Place Where Residents Connect

City Brand and Identity

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A strong brand is built on clear positioning, a great story, and a shared mission that is communicated throughout many channels. The brand and the identity of the City of Peoria will benefit the city, its residents, leadership, and other constituents well into the future.

Feedback from Peoria residents and city employees was collected over the last year at public events, on social media and through surveys. This feedback helped shape the new city identity campaign.

The result, thanks to a collective effort from those who live and work here: Peoria is the Place…


Brand Explanation

The Office of Communications set out to capture the spirit of the city in one all-encompassing identity. The goal was to tell the story of Peoria, in order to give residents a sense of place as well as to give others an idea of who we are.

The new identity “Peoria is the Place” tells the story of the city by using iconic city images coupled with the words gathered from residents.

While this is the overarching theme of the identity, the initiative also enables the use of customized taglines to identify individual city departments or city-related programs. 


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