Peoria's Vision, Mission and Values

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Peoria's organizational vision, mission and values were created through interactive discussions and exercises with employees, management and leadership.

Vision Statement

City of Peoria team members provide unmatched quality of life and excellent customer service for our community.

Mission Statement

The city of Peoria provides excellent municipal services by anticipating community needs, creating partnerships, promoting sustainability and embracing diversity.

Values Statement

We serve with integrity, embrace diversity, and are responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars and the natural environment.

We are an Inclusive City

The city of Peoria follows an unwavering adherence to the principles of respecting diversity, and ensuring inclusive practices. Through the leadership of our interdepartmental Diversity Team, we work to assure that the Peoria community, as well as all city of Peoria governmental departments, is welcoming, and respectful to everyone. Visit the diversity and inclusion webpage for additional information.

Core Values

Ethics begins with integrity. Integrity means different things to different people, but in essence it means being honest, doing what you say you will do, and doing what is right even when no one else is watching. Personal integrity is a prerequisite to ethical behavior, and it is the foundation for Peoria’s six core values.

We are:

P Professional Continually reviewing my own behavior and questioning whether what I do is consistent with the City’s and my profession's values.Maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and honoring legal restrictions on political activity.

E Ethical Being honest and objective in performing my duties and deciding all matters on the merits, free from improper influences. Being guided by principle and conscience and the desire to do the “right thing”.

O Open Communicating truthfully and completely with others, supporting diversity and treating others with respect. Participating positively in the community.

R Responsive Responding to all internal and external customers in a prompt, efficient, friendly and patient manner.

I Innovative Seeking out opportunities to contribute to the daily and future work of the City in ways that are new and creative.

A Accountable Observing both the letter and the spirit of laws and rules. Engaging only in appropriate personal and professional conduct in all matters