Welcome to the City of Peoria, Arizona!

The city of Peoria is governed under a council-manager form of government. In this form of city government, the city's charter dictates that the mayor and city council members, as the elected leaders of the city, make policy for the city, approve the city's budget, contracts and intergovernmental agreements, and hire the city manager who is the chief executive officer of the city. The city manager assembles the staff of the city, assures that all applicable laws and governmental standards are adhered to, and implements the policies and direction of the mayor and city council.

Peoria is lead by a very experienced executive team comprised of City Manager, Jeff Tyne, and Deputy City Managers Andrew Granger, Erik Strunk, and Katie Gregory.

The city of Peoria is comprised of more than 1,100 full time employees who are dedicated to providing the very best service to Peoria's citizens, businesses, and visitors in the most cost effective and efficient means possible. Our employees adhere to clearly articulated values and principles, and strive to stay on top of the numerous professions that make up the disciplines of today's modern full service city.

The men and women who make up the city's diverse workforce are proud to maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity, and are focused on data driven service delivery to assure prompt, thorough, courteous service. City services are accredited by professional associations and agencies which assures the highest level of management and technical competency and adherence to nationally recognized 'best practices.'

As a government that prides itself on accountability, transparency, and civic engagement we look forward to hearing from you if you are pleased with the service you have received, or if you can provide observations for improvement.

"Life, Well Run" (ICMA)