An order of protection (sometimes called "restraining order") is a court order that offers protection for someone who is the victim of domestic violence, harassment, or stalking.

Effective January 1, 2020, a new statewide system called AZPOINT (Arizona Protective Order Initiation & Notification Tool) is now available to request an Order of Protection, Injunction Against Harassment, or Injunction Against Workplace Harassment.

Arizona Protective Order Initiation & Notification Tool

Request an Order of Protection through AZPOINT

The new AZPOINT system allows victims of domestic violence to prepare protective order petition documents online and then go to any court in Arizona to complete the process, file their documents, and establish a safety plan before leaving the courthouse. Previously, the person who petitioned for the order had to arrange service on the defendant. Under this new system, the defendant will now be served by law enforcement, making the process safer, more convenient, and faster.

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