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Ironwood District Councilmember
  William Patena
Mesquite District Councilmember
   Bridget Binsbacher
   John Griffin (Write-In)
Willow District Councilmember
   Jon Edwards

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Candidate committee contact information is included on the committee's Statement of Organization and can be found online. Contact information for candidates who are not statutorily required to file a Statement or Organization can be obtained by contacting the City Clerk's Office at 623-773-7340.
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August 4, 2020

Last Day to Register to Vote

July 6, 2020

   at midnight

Early Voting Begins

July 8, 2020

Last Day to Request an Early Ballot by mail

July 24, 2020 
   at 5pm


Q: What is the role of the Mayor and City Councilmembers?

A: The Mayor and City Councilmembers oversee local policy issues, approve the annual municipal budget, and adopt local laws. 

Q: What is the difference, between the Mayor and Councilmembers?

A: The Mayor represents the entire City and is elected by voters from the entire City. Councilmembers represent a geographical area (district) of the city and are elected by voters from their respective district. The Mayor is limited to two consecutive four-year terms and Councilmembers are limited to three consecutive four-year terms. The Mayor is the ceremonial head of the city, chairs council meetings, and controls the City Council meeting agenda.



Voters registered as “Independent” and voters who have not designated a political party preference during the voter registration process can vote in the upcoming Primary Election by selecting which ballot they wish to vote.

  • Voting early?  Contact the Maricopa County Election Department at 602-506-1511 and let them know which ballot type you would like mailed to you. Requests must be received at least 11 days prior to the election.
  • Voting on Election Day?  Let the polling place worker know which ballot type you would like to vote.

Why are voters registered as “Independent” required to select a ballot in the Primary Election?

Voters registered as “Independent” or voters who have not designated a political party preference during the voter registration process must select which party preference ballot they wish to vote in order to vote in Primary Elections.  The reason for this is linked directly to the purpose of a Primary Election.

The purpose of a Primary Election is to advance candidates from each of the recognized political parties to the General Election where all advancing candidates, regardless of political affiliation, are listed on the ballot for a final vote.  In a Primary Election, voters affiliated with a political party vote a ballot that consists of only those candidates associated with their registered political party.  This is considered a partisan election.  There are currently three recognized political parties: Democrat, Libertarian and Republican. 

Since voters registered as “Independent” have not selected a political party designation during the voter registration process, these voters must identify which political party ballot they would like to vote in the Primary Election.  Since the Libertarian Party has elected to conduct closed Primary Elections, voters who need to select a ballot to vote in Primary Elections are unable to choose a Libertarian ballot to vote.

What if a voter registered as “Independent” does not want to choose between the different political parties?

If a voter registered as “Independent” does not want to designate a political party preference in order to receive a ballot, they still have an opportunity to choose a City-only non-partisan ballot, which will list the Peoria Council candidates applicable to the district for which they live, the Mayoral candidates (if applicable) and any City ballot propositions.

Not sure if you are registered as an independent?

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Contact the City Clerk's Office:

(623) 773-7340