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City of Peoria Arizona City Code (1992)

The City Code is the complete organized set of laws enacted by the City.  The City Code is currently published by the City Attorney's Office and provided digitally on this web site.  By early 2018 we anticipate launching the Peoria City Code in a fully searchable and more accessible republished format.

The ongoing work of codifying new ordinances is complete for council actions effective through July 31, 2015.  Please contact the City Clerk's Office for the most current ordinance on a topic.  Newly Enacted Ordinances (uncodified) are not yet incorporated into the chapter sections of the published code and are posted to the first document folder below after they have been approved by the City Council.

The City Code Chapters are titled by general subject areas, and contain sections for separate topics under each chapter subject.   Each chapter listed by section number is a downloadable PDF format file.   Each chapter link below allows navigation to the list of sections contained in that chapter.