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Peoria Unveils First Official City Flag

Post Date:04/05/2017

Over the years, citizens have been sharing what Peoria means to them, and as a tribute to the community, the city took their words and molded them into a powerful symbol of Peoria’s past, present and future.

“A flag signifies pride and represents the ideals and values of a people; and as we celebrate another successful year, it is fitting that we roll out a symbol of our city’s reputation, history, and the contributions of everyone who has touched the City of Peoria on its journey,” said Mayor Cathy Carlat. “When citizens see this flag flying against our beautiful skies, I hope they remember what it means to be a Peorian, as we honor Peoria’s rich heritage and our boundless future.”

The look and design have been unveiled slowly, as it began a year ago when the city began incorporating the colors and patterns into its visual brand, See Yourself in Peoria. Based on positive reaction, the brand translated into the flag. The branding materials, including the flag were designed in-house, creating considerable savings.

Residents seem very excited about the new flag.

“I have been a proud citizen of the City of Peoria for three years. After attending the Peoria Leadership Institute last year, I knew that the people running this city really care and are as proud as I am,” said Ellen Wagner, Peoria resident. “They have shown this again by creating the Peoria flag. I love the beautiful colors and stars which have significant meaning.”

The flag represents Peoria’s own pallet: the rust and browns of the Sonoran Desert and the mountains all around us, the blues of the waters of our own Lake Pleasant and the Arizona skies. The colors blend together as all Peorians are unified, from one end of the city to the other, from the first citizen to the last.

The stars represent the past, present and future. They illustrate the following shared principles.

         Courage of the founding pioneers who conquered a harsh life in the desert
         Strength of the men and women who steered our evolution into a modern city
         Pride in our city, that driving force that propels us to reach our full potential

“This new flag is an icon we can be proud of for years to come,” said Peoria City Manager Carl Swenson. “Since the flag's unveiling, residents have been overwhelmingly positive with their response, calling it a new point of pride for their hometown. Many even asked about ways they could display the flag at their homes or through Peoria-branded clothing. We're thrilled to see the community's reaction."

A video has been created to showcase the flag’s elements and the meaning behind them. The video can be found at

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