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July is Smart Irrigation Month

Post Date:07/02/2020 9:40 AM

The average home uses more than 50% of its total water use outside in the landscape. Become a Peoria water conservation champion this summer by following these four steps to complete an irrigation check-up.

  1. Check for leaks at the meter. With all the water off in your home and outside, check your meter at the curb and make sure it’s not showing water flow. If water is still moving, you have a leak.
  2. Turn your irrigation system on zone by zone and walk around to look for potential issues. Some commonly seen problems are broken or low performing sprinkler heads, missing drip emitters, and fine sediments or wet depressions in your landscape indicating an underground leak.
  3. Make sure that each valve shuts off or closes completely before the next zone starts watering. Broken irrigation valves lead to water running constantly through the system. That water adds up fast!

Adjust you irrigation controller monthly to account for plants varying needs. A great irrigation scheduling guide can be found at  

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