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Peoria Requires Facial Coverings in Public Places

Mayor Carlat issues proclamation for facial coverings effective June 22

Post Date:07/21/2020 8:49 AM

PEORIA, Ariz.  (June 19, 2020) Today Mayor Cathy Carlat issued the Fourth Proclamation under the Declaration of Emergency requiring that all individuals in the City of Peoria wear facial coverings in public places where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. This proclamation is effective Monday, June 22, at 6 a.m.

“Covid-19 has caused justifiable alarm throughout the globe and the City of Peoria has been hit hard,” said Mayor Cathy Carlat. “This is not the time to make decisions based on politics or commotion. The well-being of Peoria residents has been at the forefront of my thoughts as I have been closely drawing advice from top public health officials, while gathering input from Peoria residents and businesses. Now, more than ever, we must take a stand to do everything we can to fight this battle and win our freedom once and for all.”

On Tuesday, June 17, Governor Ducey gave local governments the ability to adopt policies regarding facial coverings in public as case numbers continue to increase in Arizona. According to state and federal health authorities, the risk of contracting the virus increases significantly when individuals are in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time and where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Masks, made of cloth, fabric or other permeable material, should be worn over the mouth and nose by employees and patrons at all places of business that interact with the public when physical distancing is not possible. Visitors, and employees who interact with the public, to city buildings and facilities will be required to wear facial coverings as well. This mandate does not apply to those who are medically unable to tolerate a facial covering, for those with religious beliefs that prevent them from doing so, or for those who are unable to remove a facial covering without assistance. Other exceptions include those exercising indoors and outdoors while distancing, in the process of consuming food or drink at a restaurant, for children six years old and younger, and for those who are receiving dental services or medical treatment. Public safety employees and field employees engaged in essential functions are not required to wear face coverings if doing so would interfere with their ability to carry out their duties. Facial coverings will not be required for those swimming at city pools.

The city of Peoria will launch a comprehensive campaign to educate and inform individuals about the benefits of wearing a mask, offering creative solutions for purchasing or making facial coverings out of everyday items. Additionally, the city will make face coverings available to Peoria residents on a first come, first serve basis.

Peoria residents can help curb the spread of this illness by continuing to reduce their exposure wherever possible. The virus is thought to spread primarily from person to person who are in close contact with one another (within six feet). This occurs through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Peoria, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Maricopa County Health Department, have continued to recommend hand washing, physical distancing, facial coverings, and frequently disinfecting surfaces as significant ways of reducing the risk of contracting the virus. Additionally, vulnerable populations, including those with serious underlying medical conditions and adults 65 years old and older, should avoid congregate settings.

For more about this proclamation and related COVID-19 information, visit or call the help hotline at 623-773-7770.

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