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TheaterWorks Presents: Robin Hood

TheaterWorks presents: Robin Hood

To arms!

Robin Hood, the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, leads a merry life with his followers. Anyone who is hungry or who has no place to live is welcome in the greenwood. The citizens of the forest oppose wicked Prince John. He's taken the place of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, who has gone to the Holy Land on a crusade. One day a caravan cuts through the wood. In the convoy is Robin's childhood sweetheart, Maid Marian, ward of King Richard. Alas, the Sheriff of Nottingham plans to force Marian to marry the Prince in an effort to make John more acceptable to the people of England. To arms! It's up to Robin to stop the marriage, defeat the nasty sheriff and secure Nottingham for the king's return. It's all done in rousing and adventurous fashion! This tale is performed here on the Gyder stage in January 2019!

Please visit www.theaterworks.org for more information or to purchase tickets online.
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